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Founder of Pretty Words and author of two e-books

" So far I spent 10 years of learning, discovering, and expanding my knowledge in spirituality and manifesting. I am a forever student of life. I believe you learn the most valuable knowledge through life experiences and somewhat hard lessons that we all have to go through. Sometimes it's not about becoming anyone or anything but unbecoming everything and anything you are not supposed to be. I started "Pretty Words" to spread more positive vibrations and pretty energy. I want to share all the knowledge that helps me to live life in absolute harmony and peace. Please understand, the true meaning of life and living in harmony and peace doesn't come from the external world around us, it only comes from within, within you. You are born with an amazing power to create the life of your dreams. When you learn to understand your mind, emotions, vibrations, and energy you will be able to transform your life. Work on yourself every day because that's the most rewarding job you will ever get."

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